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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


MISS France 2004 could be stripped of her title after posing for Playboy.The president of the Miss France committee, Genevieve de Fontenay, today said she was "dismayed and appalled" by the half-naked photos of Laetitia Bleger in the adult magazine.
"We're going to call an emergency meeting of the committee's management board," she said.
Ms Fontenay said any Miss France winner could be stripped of her title during the year of her reign and for five years afterwards for improper behaviour, including "licentious photos, even if only partially revealing".
Ms Bleger could also be forced to return the gifts she received as Miss France.
"I expected anything but this from Laetitia Bleger," Ms Fontenay said.
"We can't let this go. The Miss France winners have a status to uphold and they know it."
Isabelle Turpeaut, Miss France 1983, lost her title after posing as a pin-up for Paris Match magazine.
US actress and singer Vanessa Williams, the first black woman to be crowned Miss America in 1983, was forced to resign two months before the end of her reign after photos taken of her when she was a teenager appeared in Penthouse.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Jewel of the Nile ----During a grand celebration at the Egyptian Media Production City, former Miss Egypt 2004 Hiba Al Sweisi took off her crown and placed it on the head Mariam George, who won the title for 2005. Mariam will be representing Egypt for the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 2005 in Thailand in July.

According the London based Elaph, Mariam is an 18-year-old college student studying business administration at the Modern Academy in Egypt. During the pageant, four runner-ups were chosen among twelve contestants.
Last year, Egyptian Hiba Al Seesi was crowned Miss Egypt 2004 during the big event that was held for the occasion, where the two runner-ups are sisters. Samah Adel was first runner-up and and Dina Adel second runner-up. Hiba, who is a second-year law student was chosen among 16 participants.
Contestants in the competition fell under the age group of 17 to 27 years old, and must were Egyptian citizenship. All contestants were single, educated, and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle.

The event was attacked by severe criticism as it was viewed going against social and religious principles and an insult to women. Critics claimed that the pageant makes a mockery out of females as they display themselves for people to judge them according to their looks.

Human Rights activist defended the event by stating that the participants had participated based on their own will and desire, and each woman has the right to appear in either a bathing suit or an Islamic traditional dress if she wanted to.
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Siberian Swan

MOSCOW, April 20 (RIA Novosti) - Natalia Nikolayeva, a 19 year-old student of Rostov-on-Don University, won the Miss Universe, Russia 2005 title and goes on to compete for the title Miss Universe 2005 at the international beauty contest that will take place in Bangkok late spring, rostov.ru Web site reports.
REN TV channel broadcast the finals on April 16, during which viewers selected the most beautiful girl by means of cell-phone SMS voting. Previously, the finalists were selected on-line.
"All the girls participating in the finals are very different, and I believe, this makes the Miss Universe, Russia pageant especially attractive. But for the inter-active contest, we would not be able to gather here. Each of them deserves the title, but Natalia has become the first among the equal, says contest coordinator Nikita Sekretaryov.
Natalia Nikolayeva was born in Rostov-on-Don on July 1, 1986. Since eight has worked as a model. At the age of 16 won the Miss Pharma Cosmetics contest held in Moscow and became the face of Pharma cosmetics company. At present Natalia is a student at Rostov-on-Don University, journalism faculty, marketing department. Speaks English and a little Korean. Her photo you can find on http://miss.rambler.ru

Friday, April 15, 2005

Frozen Beauty

Sweden without Miss Universe Contestant for the First Time Ever

When the Scandinavian swimwear company Panos Emporio last year purchased the rights to the Miss Sweden pageant from TV3, the intentions were to bring the contest back to its original high status. Harassment from feminist organizations has however forced the company to put the competition on hold. This has led to the fact that in 2005 Sweden will not send a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant for the first time ever.

(PRWEB) April 14, 2005 - Panos Emporio announced in August of last year that the new plans for the competition would be presented during the fall, but after having been harassed by feminist organizations the decision to wait was made. “Feminists forced me to cancel. I was surprised that, in a country as far developed and as liberated as Sweden, women’s rights movements receive so much attention in the media regarding an issue like this,” says Panos Papadopoulos, CEO of the company. At first he saw the response as negative, but then he realized that Sweden now has the chance to create something new and astonishing in the field of beauty contests, and become a role model for others to follow.“I am the kind of person to listen to the opinions of others in our society, and I show humility towards them,” Panos continues.

“Therefore the contest will rest for a year for us to have enough time to look into the possibilities of creating something new that will take Miss Sweden to a whole new level. “The future of the contest depends on whether I can create a program that is accepted by most people in our society. It is important to create a contest that emphasizes the dignity as well as the beauty of the woman”, he ends.This means that in 2005 Sweden will not send a contestant to the Miss Universe pageant for the first time. Sweden is one of the very few countries that have never failed to participate in the contest.